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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I'm signed up for this year's event. When can I collect my number?
A. For participants based on the island of Ireland, race numbers and race packs will be posted to registered participants in advance of the event.Participants with addresses outside of Ireland must collect their runner pack at Marquee HQ, either on Friday 5th July from 7pm to 9pm or Saturday July 6th 7am to 8.30am.

Q. How old do I have to be to take part?
A. 18 years of age or older.

Q. What is the date and start time of the race?
A. The event takes place on Saturday, July 6th, 2024. Half Marathon starts at 10.30am and 10K at 11.15am.

Q. What is the Half-Marathon course like?
A. The Half-Marathon course is described by a regular participant as "Fantastic, because it's so challenging." Another runner said, "Great course, great scenery and great vocal support from the locals." There are a couple of challenging hills on the course, but the spectator support and the stunning views will ease you over them, no problem!

If you really want the gory details: Climb: 121m. Elevations: 78m at 3.4m/5.5km, 30m at 8.4 miles/13.5k, 42m at 10 miles/16k, 18m at 12.4 miles/20k. You can see the route map at (Please note, the actual distance of the course is 21.09km, not 21.12 as stated on this map).

Q. How is the Half-Marathon course marked?
A. The course is marked in miles, at every mile interval, from start to finish. There will be two smaller markers in Km at Mile 5 and Mile 10 to assist runners who train in Km.

Q. Is the 10k course different?
A. The 10K course leaves the Half-Marathon course by turning left at Dookinella Crossroads. It re-joins the Half-Marathon course at the Slievemore Road, at the 10K maximum elevation of 40m. So the 10K runners miss out on the bigger climbs of the Half-Marathon!

Q. How is the 10K course marked?
A. The 10K course will be marked in Kilometres at 2km intervals. The markers will read: 10K – #Km.

Q. We're planning on making a weekend on Achill Island out of it. What's on?
A. Great idea! Log on to for all the information you'll need on Achill Island, accommodation, entertainment, activities, eating out and things to do.

Q. Is the race being timed?
A. Yes, Pop Up Races is timing the race using the 'Chip in Bib' and Gun method. The Achill Half Marathon is an official Road Race, approved and supervised by the Athletics Association of Ireland (AAI). You will receive a text message with your race time in the evening after the race, if you have provided a mobile number. Online results (Gun and Chip times) will appear a few days later on

Q. Will there be refreshments available?
A. There will be complimentary refreshments and snacks supplied after you complete your race. During the race there are several roadside water stations.

Q. Do all Athletes start at the same time?
A. For both races, wheelchair users, if any, will start first. Runners and Walkers will start at the same time, though Walkers will start at the rear of the groups, allowing runners to start the race relatively free of obstruction.

Q. Where is the race Start and Finish line?
A. The Start and Finish lines are adjacent to Keel Caravan Park, The Sandy banks, Keel, Achill, Co. Mayo. Participants are advised to gather in the starting area at least 30 minutes prior to the race start. There will be refreshments available before and after the race.

Q. What facilities are available at Start and Finish line?
A. There are plenty of toilets (but no changing rooms), Water, a First Aid centre, and a Warm-up area. Fruit and refreshments are available to all participants. The Road Safety Authority will be there with its 'Roll-over Simulator' and Road Safety Awareness Roadshow.

Q. Is there parking at the start and finish line?
A. Yes, there is dedicated race parking just before Keel Caravan Park, which is clearly marked. Stewards will be present to assist with parking. There is no parking permitted in Keel Caravan Park, which is limited to caravan and camping residents only. Please note: some roads around the start and finish area will be closed.

Q. Will the roads be closed to traffic?
A. The start and finish areas will be closed, and the remainder of the course will be subject to some traffic. Gardaí will be present to make sure that road conditions are safe and there will be plenty of Stewards to assist. Runners are asked to keep to the LEFT side of the road wherever possible. The course is run mainly on quiet local roads, and there will be plenty of warning signs directing traffic to proceed with caution. Road access to Keel Caravan Park will be available for residents and staff only.

Q. Are ipods and mp3 players banned?
A. No, all personal music devices are not banned but for safety reasons it is recommended only to use one ear piece. Our race vehicles and ambulances must use the course, and must be able to alert participants of their presence.

Q. What First Aid precautions are in place?
A. Civil Defence and the Order of Malta will be covering the event, and there are extra medical staff to assist. There is First Aid Station at the start / finish area and first aid personnel at each water station. There are three ambulances on stand-by and a number of extra vehicles around the course, should they be needed.

Q. Is there a storage area to store gear bags etc.?
A. Event Staff will direct you in storing your gear, bags, etc. in the designated storage area, which will be clearly marked.

Q. What should I do on race day?
A. Use the pins provided to attach the top of your number bib (chest-high) to the FRONT of the t-shirt/vest you're wearing for the run. Our race timers need to read your number as you cross the finish line, so the bib should be pinned flat and unobstructed by other clothing. It contains the chip used for your timing, so don't lose it! Drop your belongings at the storage area. Proceed to the Start Line and enjoy your race.

Q. Can I give my race number to another participant?
A. NO, under no circumstances can race numbers be transferred to anyone else.

Q. What should I do if I get injured or become unwell during the race?
A. If you have to withdraw from the event, get injured during the event, or are unwell during the event, please advise a race official at a marshal point or water station. Roving medics will be on standby to assist you. Please report any incidents, accidents or near misses to a Race Director (wearing orange Hi-Viz vest) immediately after the event.

Q. When is the prize giving?
A. The prize giving will take place at 2:30pm at the Marquee. Other after-race entertainment in the area will be listed on the weekend events section of

Q. How many competitors are expected?
A. Approximately 800 Half Marathon competitors and 500 10K runners are expected to take part. Runners who register after these numbers have been reached will not receive a t-shirt.

Q. Can I run my race for other charities?
A. Of course you can.

Q. Do I have to run my race for charity?
A. Not at all.

Q. Where can I find the latest news and updates?
A. LIKE our Facebook page: or FOLLOW us on Twitter: You'll receive all the latest news!

Q. Who do I contact for help with my enquiries?
A. For race and weekend events, e-mail or phone: +353 9820405. For accommodation & travel arrangements, contact Achill Tourism - e-mail or phone +353 9820400.

Q. Do you have an Environmental Policy?
A. Achill Half-Marathon and 10K subscribe to the 'Leave No Trace' policy in using the Achill Island countryside for leisure. Respect the landscape and people's property along the route and around the Tented Village. Do not disturb animals and livestock unnecessarily, and keep your dog on a lead at all times when outdoors.

Q. Are spectators allowed along the route and around the Tented Village?
A. Spectators are welcome in all areas, but they must follow race stewards' instructions.

PARKING: Do not, under any circumstances, park on or block any part of the route, as this may create a safety hazard. Public health and safety are of paramount importance, and all necessary measures are being put in place to facilitate the smooth running of the weekend activities.

SAFETY: Please arrive early for the event and follow all the systems that have been put into place to make this event safe and enjoyable for everyone. Please follow all instructions from local authorities, race directors (orange Hi-Viz vests) and stewards (yellow Hi-Viz vests).

FURTHER INFORMATION: If your question has not been answered in the above FAQs, please email us on and we'll be happy to assist you.

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